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Car Wash and Detailing Services near Deltona, FL

Sporty’s Car Wash provides car wash and detailing services near Deltona, FL.  Taking your car for a weekly professional car wash will help keep your car looking great while preventing the accumulation of rain spots, dirt, debris and the sun’s UV rays from damaging the paint of your car. Plus, if you have pets, frequent vacuuming will remove pet hairs, stains and allergens that accumulate inside your car. And our car detailing service will help extend the beauty of your car inside and out including seat fabrics, steering wheel, dashboard, carpeting and tires and wheels, to name a few.

Car Wash Services

Our drive thru auto car wash is located in Orange City near Deltona, FL. It is safe for all types of cars and finishes including SUVs. An optional hot car wax can be applied during the process to seal in your car’s beautiful shine. Once your car exits the wash our professional staff will complete dry your vehicle using lint-free cloths. We also have a large number of industrial strength self-serve car vacuums that are available for use at no extra cost with every car wash purchase. We also offer discounts, memberships and even a season pass that includes unlimited car washes for an entire year! Our gift cards make the perfect gift for any auto enthusiast.

Car Detailing

Give your car the royal spa treatment with our expert interior and exterior car detailing services. Whether you want to maintain your car’s brilliant shine or restore its luster, you will love the results. Our car detailing service also includes exterior wash, shampoo and vacuum carpeting, interior dressing and conditioning and cleaning the dirt and grim from tires and rims so they shine like new again. We will also remove minor exterior paint scratches and interior stains. An extra charge may apply for leather interiors. Try our convenient auto drive thru car wash near Deltona, FL today! For hours and directions, contact as at (386) 218-0183.